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tribu is the tool you need to make a real impact.
Corporations use tribu to enhance their organizational impact.
Nonprofits employ tribu to attract, integrate and communicate with volunteers.
Academic Institutions manage student volunteers with tribu


tribu offers a vast marketplace of volunteering opportunities to choose from.
Admins can easily manage the volunteering activities, monitor hours given, and measure the impact all on tribu platform and employees can get more.
We believe that a two-way impact can happen by engaging employees in the volunteer process: Employees will be more satisfied and the community will be enriched.
This and more is achieved with a tribu customer success manager who will lead and follow you every step of the way.

Co-working space
Women Volunteers


With tribu’s platform your can attract more volunteers, connect with them and expedite the screening process. Forget about multiple platforms to gather all the required information and documentation. tribu is a one-stop-shop the simplifies the process in an efficient and easy way.


academic institutions

Tribu for scholars is a one-stop-shop to manage student volunteers.
With the CRM technology and users app you can supervise volunteering activities and students report hours. You can send reminders, generate reports and track volunteers.
This simplifies everything you need to do to a single-click of a button.

College Students
Academic institutions

swipe and join

  • swipe to find the opportunity you relate to

  • invite friends to join volunteering opportunities

  • see where you needed on the tribu map 

  • chat with volunteering managers

  • upload and share experiences 

tribu is a volunteer management platform, web and app based, that provides

digital tools for corporates, nonprofit and individual volunteers.

tribu is the CRM based solution that you need. It is an intelligent,

data-driven volunteer management platform.

tribu, your fingertips do good.

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