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for nonprofits

recruit and manage volunteers while saving time and resources

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  • put forward volunteer registration forms, which collect essential data about the applicants;

  • subdivide volunteers into groups based on your NPOs selected criteria;

  • monitor volunteer performance hourly;

  • generate reports that include volunteering opportunities and volunteer

  • store essential volunteer documents in the cloud (ID, criminal record, health declaration, and so on);

  • communicate with volunteers via chat;

  • manage volunteering opportunities and ongoing tasks;

  • assign admins to screen and shortlist volunteers for upcoming opportunities.

The tribu volunteer management system CRM for nonprofit organizations is a decision-making solution that automates volunteer management, eliminating all the points of pain encumbering most workforce management systems today.


“Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless but because they're priceless."
Sherry Anderson

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