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the easiest way to manage volunteers



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tribu is the tool you need to make a real impact. We make volunteering simple and accessible for everyone.
tribu's advanced technology transforms the world of volunteering by combining a CRM platform with a
location-based app.
Corporations use tribu to enhance their organizational impact.
Nonprofits employ tribu to attract, integrate and communicate with volunteers.
Academic Institutions manage student volunteers with tribu.

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tribu is a web and app-based volunteer management platform that provides digital tools for corporations, nonprofits, academic institutions, and individual volunteers. tribu is an intelligent, data-driven solution with cutting-edge, CRM-based technology that enables you to manage volunteer programs and measure their impact.
We provide every digital tool you need to conceive and manage a volunteer program from start to finish. You can create new volunteer opportunities, communicate and coordinate with volunteers, track volunteer metrics, and measure the overall impact on your organization.

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Let them choose, easy

Everyone can use tribu’s app to search and find volunteering opportunities, get in touch with reputable organizations, and invite peers to join

Save time and energy


By joining now, you will receive:
●       Access to a rich database of volunteers
●       No-frills communication with volunteers
●       A hub for tracking data and generating reports
●       Guaranteed information security

tribu offers a marketplace of volunteer opportunities for you and your employees to choose from. Administrators can easily manage volunteer activities, track volunteer
hours, and measure the impact volunteers have on your company – all on tribu’s platform.
We believe that engaging employees in the volunteer process maximizes its impact. It engages employees and enriches the communities they serve.
tribu provides a designated customer success manager who will work with you every step of the way.


Corporate section


With tribu's platform, you can attract more volunteers, connect with them
more easily, and expedite the screening and onboarding processes.
Forget about multiple platforms to gather all the required information and
documentation. tribu is a comprehensive technology
that saves you time on the backend so you can spend
more timedoing what matters: serving your community.

NPO section

academic institutions

tribu is a one-stop-shop to manage student volunteers.
With the CRM platform, schools can supervise and track volunteer activity, send reminders, and generate reports. With the user-friendly app, students can find volunteer opportunities they’re passionate about, communicate with organizations, and log their hours.
You and your students can do all this and more with just a few clicks of a button.

Academic institutions section

what they say about

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I started using Tribu system half a year ago and it has improved my management abilities.
Every project appears in the app, it is easier for volunteers to know the volunteer opportunities, get relevant information and easily sign up for volunteering. It is easier for us in the volunteer unit to assign volunteers to different opportunities and to save valuable work time. Tribu's support team is amazing! There is always a solution to every challenge we encounter and it is something that is not taken for granted. Tribu's back-office system is user-friendly and easy to operate and allows other partners to use it easily.

Imanuela Mozes Itschakyan

Director - Unit of Volunteer Services | Municipality of Harish

tribu connects people who want to do good with the organizations that make good happen. We streamline the volunteer process from start to
finish so we can build the world we want to live in, together.

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of volunteering.
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