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's story

In 2017, the founders, Michaela Berku and Ron Zuckerman, envisioned a world where technology and social innovation combined could make the global community a better place. Today, with tribu this vision has become a reality.

tribu story

our founders

Michaela Bercu


A prominent social activist
in the community.

M.A in drama therapy.

Works with children, conducts female empowerment course & holistic training.


Ron Zuckerman


 An active entrepreneur and investor in the High Tech Industry for most of the last thirty years, was the founder of Sapiens International & PRSE.

Part of the founding group and a board member in GVT Holding SA and more.


At tribu, we believe that volunteering needs to be widely accessible,easy to operate and simple to manage. With tribu's advanced technology, which combines CRM platform and a mobile app, managing volunteers has never been simpler. 

Tribu provides an effective solution for all scales organizations so that they can attract, connect, manage and communicate with volunteers and by that – increase their valuable impact. For individuals, tribu offers an app that connects available volunteering opportunities to those who are seeking to give a hand, based on interests and proximity. 

the team

meet the team

Galia Sagy Gazit


Joined Tribu in July 2022, Over the last 15 years, Galia has led various organizations in the social-business world. Master's Degree in Law, A lawyer, and a mediator. Graduate of the fellowship program 'Maoz'

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Amir Wolf


Joined Tribu at 2019.

Comes from the field of organization technological management.

Graduate of Computer Science Faculty at the Technion.


Maya Drori

Product Manager

 joined Tribu in 2021.

Experienced in UX design and digital project management in different fields. Graduated a BA in psychology and education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and UX studies from Create.


Eran Brownstain

Product Manager

Joined Tribu in 2020.

Over 12 years of experience in copywriting, marketing, UX and product management.

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Moshe Hanan


Joined Tribu in 2019.

Has background in project management.

Graduate of economy and information systems 

management from College of Management Academic Studies.


Yael Weiner

Customer Success Manager

Joined Tribu in 2020.​

Graduate of a BA in communications and humanities from Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Experienced in editing, communications, PR and client management. 


Ofer Han


 joined Tribu in 2017.


Odelia Englender

Business Development Manager

Joined Tribu in 2022. 
Experienced in business development, CSR, philanthropy and communication.
M.A in Government, Diplomacy and Conflict Studies from Reichman University.
Atkin Fellow, King’s College, London.


Neta Lazar

Support Manager and Customers Training

Joined Tribu in 2022. Graduated a BA in social work at Ben-Gurion University of Beer-Sheva.


who's on board

Ron Zuckerman

Founder of Tribu. Entrepreneur, investor and board member active for over 30
years in the high-tech industry in international ventures.


Michaela Bercu

Founder of Tribu. A drama therapist and a leading social activist in the community.


Avi Zvi

Senior manager with rich experience. Former CEO of "Reshet".


Eyal Chomsky

Advertiser, founding partner in the advertising agency "Adler, Chomsky, Warszewski


Tal Galor

VP at Lockheed Martin, former Senior Advisor to 3 Prime Ministers.

New Project (8).jpg

Marcio Lampert

High-tech entrepreneur, former CEO of Finjan. Specializes in marketing and sales
in global markets.

New Project (7).jpg

Shira Barkan

GM at Fiverr Business, formerly senior manager at Maccann, Microsoft and more.

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