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Privacy Policy of the Application Tribu

Sept 14th, 2020

Welcome to Tribu, the website, management system, and application (herein referred to as “the application”). We consider our user’s privacy to be of the utmost importance, and thus it is important for us to inform you of the type of the data that application gathers, how it will be used, and your rights in this regard.



This document is to be considered as an inseparable part of the terms of use agreement. The application collects two forms of user data

  • General data which does not identify the user, such as statistical information, the ways in which the app is used, the browser it is used on, the length of time users spend on the app, the services used, the URL (IP address) from which users browse, and more.

  • Due to the nature of the app, personal and sensitive information is collected about users in the application, most of which is provided by those users to the application at the time of registration (e.g. name, age, address, etc.). Additionally user history is collected throughout their usage of the app such as, the volunteer activities in which they participated, communication history with managers, etc.



Upon registering for the application, users are asked to give identifying information. Of course users are not obligated to sign up for the application’s services, and they do not have to give all the information requested. However, the less relevant and identifying information that users give, the lower the level of service they and their volunteer managers will receive from the application. A volunteer manager who cannot identify their volunteers will not be able to effectively contact their volunteers.


Data usage

The data collected will be used primarily in order to:

  • Allow users to use a variety of features within the application, to set dates to volunteer, to confirm that a volunteer opportunity fits the user and vice versa.

  • To create relevant volunteering suggestions.

  • To automatically identify users.

  • To send updates and reminders about volunteer opportunities and other services that users entered in the app.

  • To create personal sections in the app in which user’s personal data will be stored, and they will be able to perform personal tasks withing the app, if they are in fact needed.

  • To cancel, add, change, and improve the services, content and training offered within the app.

  • In order to create inquiries to users based on a comparison of the information generated by the application with that which users have directly uploaded to the application. Thus allowing the application to generate suggestion for volunteering and activities based on the matching mechanisms and the opinion of the volunteer manager.

  • In order to contact users when needed.



Data in the possession of volunteer managers


Please be aware that relevant volunteer managers will be in possession of a wide range of information pertaining to users, some of which will be personally identifying. This includes users full names, address, mailing address, phone number, and volunteer history. Volunteer managers have full access to relevant information stored in the application.

The full responsibility of gathering, using, and erasing user information lies with the volunteer managers, and in so much as the app takes part in this, it does so for the volunteer managers and on their behalf only.


Sharing information with third party

In relation to the application, both in relation to this document and in relation to any other relevant terms applicable between the parties, A volunteer manager is to be considered a related party and not a third party. It is clarified that the volunteer manager will openly receive all of the volunteer's information relating to that volunteer manager, unless it is explicitly that it will not be provided.

The application will not share user data and identifying information that is gathered with third parties except in the instances noted below:

  • With user’s explicit agreement.

  • In the instance of a legal dispute between a user and the application which would require user data to be revealed, or in instances in which users violate the terms of use agreement. Both in relation to this document, and in relation to any other relevant terms applicable between the parties, including the privacy policy and other agreements with the app and any party working on its behalf.

  • Upon the receival of a legal order, instructing the app to surrender a user’s information to a third party.

  • If the application sells or transfers in any way its capabilities to another corporation – and in the instance in which it would merge with another body, or merge its capabilities with those of a third party. In this scenario the new corporation will take on the responsibilities indicated within this privacy agreement.

  • In the scenario in which a user buys goods/services from the application, or from any of the application’s partners and representatives.

  • If the application deems within its best judgement that the provision of said information is required in order to reduce damage of any kind will be done to the application, to anyone on its behalf and/or to any other third party’s body or property.

  • Information and statistical data that does not identify users is not private, and thus can be shared with third parties.




Tribu’s application and website uses cookies in order to maintain regular and proper function. This includes collecting statistics about the application’s use, verifying details, adjusting the application to the preferences of users, for security purposes, etc. Cookies are text files created by a user’s computer according to the instructions of the application and/or someone on its behalf. Some are temporary and some are permanent. The cookies also include information such as the web pages users have visited, the length of stay on the sites, and the like.

Most browsers offer the option to disable cookies, by adjusting the browser settings, or by erasing them, and users are free to choose this option. However, disabling cookies is likely to harm the application’s ability to function at its full capacity, and the user experience is likely to be diminished.



Offers to volunteer from third parties

The application is likely to aggregate volunteer opportunities, originating both from the application, and from third parties. Thus, the origin of a suggestion for a volunteer opportunity may not be from the application itself, but from a third party. In this scenario, the application is not responsible for the content of these suggestions, the volunteer activities offered within them, and their creation. Thus, it is essential that users are aware that third parties such as these are able to collect personal information that is different than those gathered by the application, or to operate under a different privacy policy with regards to user information. It is recommended that users proceed with caution in this regard.


Data security

The application utilizes up-to-date and stringent systems and procedures for information security. While these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized intrusion, they do not provide complete security. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the application and/or the services provided will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored in them or its modification through such access.


Right to review information

Under the Privacy Protection Act of 1981, every person is entitled to review himself, or by his authorized representative in writing or by his guardian, the information held on him in a database. A person who has reviewed the information about him and found that it is incorrect, incomplete, unclear, or not up-to-date, may contact the owner of the database with a request to correct the information or its deletion. If the owner of the database refuses to fulfill this request, he must notify the applicant in the manner prescribed by the regulations. The information requester may refuse and appeal to the Magistrate's Court in the manner determined in a refusal by the owner of a database to allow a review and by a notice of refusal to correct or delete information.

As long as we are in possession of information such as this that aa user desires to update, change, or delete, please feel free to reach us at the email

Due to the fact that the information in our possession can be used to contract you personally, users are entitled under the privacy law to demand in writing, that the information relating to them be delated from our databases, and we will respect those demands.

Additionally, the information in the database may be used for personal-commercial contact with users, based on their belonging to demographic groups with specific characteristics whose names are included in the database (\"application in a commercial offer\"). Users are entitled under the Privacy Protection Law to require in writing that the information will be deleted from the database. In this case, we will delete the information we need only to make commercial offers as stated above. We will not delete information we need to run our business - including documentation, commercial, and other actions users have performed in the application, but this information will no longer be used for personal inquiries to users.


Changes to the privacy policy

In any instance in which meaningful changes are made to this privacy policy regarding the use of users personal information, the date set above will be updated. Additionally, the bottom of the page will include a reference to the previous wording of the policy.

Continued use of the application after changes to the privacy agreement unequivocally mean that users are agreeing to the updated policy, if you do not agree to it – please do not continue to use the application after an update.

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