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Tribu App Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 13, 2021

  1. Introduction
    1.1.    Welcome to Tribu app (hereinafter: “The App") of Tribu Ltd. (hereinafter: "The Company") a not-for-profit social and technology start-up, which aims to create and expand the circles of volunteering and contributing within Israeli society. 
    1.2.   The App is used by volunteers and enables the management of volunteer activities and content sharing (hereinafter:
    "The Services”).
    We treat your privacy with great respect. In this Privacy Policy we wish to explain how and why we collect and process your personal data, and what are your rights regarding privacy and data protection.
    This document details the Privacy Policy when using the Services and is an integral part of the Terms of Use, which together constitute a binding legal document between the user and the Company.
    If you do not agree to our Privacy Policy or the changes that may be made to it, you can contact us for assistance so that we can provide you with alternative solutions.
    The document is written in masculine language for convenience only but refers to both genders. Thank you for taking the time to read this document.

  2. Definitions
    2.1.    "You" or "User" means anyone using the App through a computer and/or other end device, including cellular communications.
    "Content" or “Data” means information of any kind, including any verbal, visual, audio, or any combination of them, as well as their design or processing or presentation in any manner, including any image, illustration, animation, photo, chart, model, image, visualization, video, voice file, musical file, software, computer code, application, protocol, article, database, and interface and any character, symbol, and icon.

  3. Registration for services

    3.1.    When registering for the Services offered by the App, you are required to provide identifiable personal information.
    3.2.   Clearly you do not have to register the Services nor provide all the information, however some of the Services on the App requires that personal information. It is hereby clarified that there is not a legal obligation for providing that information, unless otherwise specified, and that providing the information depends on your free will and consent. Nevertheless, to the extent that you do not provide relevant, correct, or appropriate information, the level of Service you will receive from the App and volunteer managers will inevitably be affected. A volunteer manager who does not know your details will not be able to communicate with you effectively.
    You may edit the information provided by logging into your personal area on the App. To edit mobile phone number, please contact us: suppor
    3.4.   If you wish to associate with an organization, you may do so in one of the following ways:

    • Automatic association, without submitting further details.

    • Association with the organization manager's approval, after submitting additional personal information.

  4. How we collect your personal information
    When using the App, you may receive information about future volunteer activities based on skills and geographic area, volunteer activities that took place, photos taken during volunteering, etc.
    To use some of the Services, we will need identifying information, as detailed below:
    4.1.    Information provided directly by the User: First and last name, mobile phone number, e-mail address and city of residence. This information is required to complete the receipt of the Services and/or to be able to contact you. 
    4.2.    Automatically collected information: When you are using the App, data is collected from your computer, smartphone or other device using to access the App. The data includes, inter alia: data on the pages you access, computer IP address, device ID or unique identifier, device type, geographic location information, computer and connection information, mobile network information, page views, statistics, traffic to and from the sites, reference URL, ad’s data, as well as web log data and other standard information. We also store anonymous information through cookies and web beacons. See our Cookies Policy below. 
    4.3.    Information collected by organization’s administrators: When you are associated with an organization, the organization manager is given access to the personal information you submitted during the application process, conditional on your prior consent. However, the organization’s managers may contact you and ask you for additional information that you did not request and / or did not submit in advance. 

  5. The Lawful Basis for Processing Personal Data.
    5.1.    Your consent as written in article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR - For example when we require your consent for the optional cookies we use. For processing special categories of your personal data, we may ask for your explicit consent as described in article 9.2(a) of the GDPR; and/or, 
    5.2.    Contractual purposes as described in article 6.1(b) of the GDPR - For example, when your register the App; and/or, 
    5.3.    To protect your vital interests accordingly to article 6(1)(d) of the GDPR and/or article 9.2(c) of the GDPR which allows us to process personal data for your safety; and/or,
    5.4.    For the necessity of legitimate interests accordingly to article 6.1(f) of the GDPR - For example, to maintain the integrity of our IT systems and the continuity of our business.

  6. Granting permissions to the App
    6.1.    During the registration process, you can authorize the App to access location services, to locate volunteer activities by regional and geographical location.
    6.2.    If you wish to upload a photo / video to the App, you authorize the App to access the photo gallery and / or camera on your device. 
    6.3.    Please note that you can deny those permissions from the App, but you would not be able to use some of the Services.

  7. How we use the information
    In accordance with the law, you are aware and give your explicit consent that the Company will process the information for the following purposes and uses: 
    7.1.    Allow the user to use various Services in the App, schedule volunteering, verify the suitability of the volunteers to you and vice versa. 
    7.2.    Produce tailored volunteer offers. 
    7.3.    Automatically identify you as a user.
    7.4.    Send updates and reminders about volunteering and other Services you entered in the App. 
    7.5.    Create personal areas where your personal data will be saved and you can perform personal actions in the App, if and to the extent that there are any. 
    7.6  Cancel, add, modify, improve, and enrich the Services and content offered by the App.
    7.7.    Contact you, based on the analyses of the information found in the App against your personal data that you submitted to the App or your usage history in the App, all for the purpose of sending volunteer offers and activities according to the matching mechanisms and the volunteer manager’s discretion. 
    7.8.    Improve your App experience, measure your App's performance, and improve its content and design.
    7.9.    Contact you, if necessary.

  8. Information held by volunteer managers. 
    8.1.    When associated with an organization, your personal information is provided to the volunteer manager, the group manager to which you are associated, and the organization manager.
    8.2.    The volunteer managers who are relevant to you have a lot of information that relates to you, some identify you personally such as your full name, address, phone number, email address and your volunteer history and some do not identify you personally such as data and statistics aggregation. Volunteer managers have full access to the relevant information about you stored in the App.
    8.3.    In addition, the volunteer managers may contact you for additional information. You hereby declare that any additional information you provide to them is provided by you voluntarily and with your consent.
    8.4.    The Volunteer managers are solely responsible for the use and deletion of this information, and to the extent that the App takes part in it, it does so for the volunteer managers and on their behalf only.
    8.5.    The App may include voluntary offers, whether from the Company or from other entities that manage volunteers (organization / volunteer managers). As long as the source of the proposals is not in the App but in the organizations that manage volunteers, the Company is not responsible for the content of those proposals, for the volunteer activities offered in them and for their existence.

  9. Providing information to third parties
    9.1.    In relation to the App, both in relation to this document and in relation to any other relevant terms applicable between the parties, the volunteer manager will be considered as a related party and not a third party and it is clarified that the volunteer manager will openly receive all volunteer information related to that volunteer manager, unless explicitly stated that this information will not be handed over to the volunteer manager. 
    9.2.    The company may transfer your details to organizations that managing volunteering in the App after your consent only. 
    9.3.    Non-personally identifiable information and statistical information is not kept confidential and may be transmitted.
    9.4.    We will not be handed third parties your personal details and information that identifies you personally, except in the cases listed below:
           9.4.1.    In case the Company has transferred and/or assigned to a third party its activity and/or its rights and obligations toward the user, provided that such third party accept the provisions set forth in this Privacy Policy.
           9.4.2.    In any case the user has violated the terms of the Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Use and/or in cases where the user, or anyone acting on his behalf, has executed or attempted to execute, through the App and/or in connection with it, actions contrary to the provisions of such terms of use and/or the provisions of any law.
           9.4.3.    For external processing and provision of services, the Company provides information to entities affiliated with it and other entities with which it cooperates and trusts (such as AWS which provides the company with cloud hosting services in the EU), in accordance with the law, the Company's Privacy Policy and the use of all appropriate means of confidentiality and security.
    9.5.    The Company may transfer your information to law enforcement in the cases listed below:
           9.5.1.    Due to any dispute, claim, demand and/or legal proceedings that will be conducted between the user and/or on user’s behalf and the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf.
           9.5.2.    If you perform actions in the App that are against the law or contrary to the Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Use.
           9.5.3.    If a judicial order is obtained instructing us to provide your details or information about you.
           9.5.4.    If the Company considers at its best discretion, that the disclosure of said information is necessary to reduce damage of any kind caused to the App, and/or to any other third party.
           9.5.5.    In any event that the Company considers, at its sole discretion, that the disclosure of the information is necessary to prevent serious damage to the property of the Company, the property and/or body of the user and/or third parties and/or to prevent other serious damage. 

  10. Uploading content to the App
    10.1.    During the volunteering activity, the user may upload photos and videos to the App, conditional on obtaining the subject's prior consent. 
    10.2.    User may also publish posts, comments, chats and more. 
    10.3.    User may publish independent volunteers that are not associated with an organization. In this case, the user is responsible for the content of the volunteer raised.
    10.4.    Please note that there is a comprehensive prohibition on the publication of non-voluntary events, as well as events that do not meet the requirements of the law, including events with manifestations of incitement, violence, racism and more.
    10.5.    Any content uploaded to the App is the responsibility of the user only. 
    10.6.    The Company may, on its sole discretion, erase and/or modify inappropriate volunteering events. 

  11. Information security and Databases
    11.1.    The information you provide when using the App, as requested in accordance with the type of Service, as well as any information collected about you in connection with the Services you have registered with, will be stored in the Company’s registered databases, which will use the information in accordance with the provisions of the law and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
    11.2.    If you are associated with an organization, the information you provided in the App and/or directly to the organization will be stored in the organization’s registered database which will be defined as the Controller, and the Company will be defined as the Processor. 
    11.3.    The Company has implemented and maintain appropriate and updated technical and organizational security measures and invests a lot of effort into the implementation and maintenance on the security of the App and the user’s personal information (Either by Us or by receiving services from third parties who are authorized service providers). 
    11.4.    The information is stored on third party’s secure servers which provide the Company cloud services (AWS in the EU). We are implementing security policies and procedures as is customary in the industry to assure the security of our user’s information and to prevent unauthorized use of this information. While these systems reduce the risks of unauthorized intrusion, they do not provide complete security. If you have concerns about certain information, avoid passing that information over the Internet.
    11.5.    Login to the App will be done through your personal username and password and through a onetime password containing 6 figures which will be sent to you or another physical means under your sole control as decided by the Company. 
    11.6.    Your account will be locked after 5 failed access attempts. 
    11.7.    It is the user’s responsibility to implement basic security measures on the device you use to login into the App to protect your personal information, according to our recommendations as follow: 
           11.7.1.    Make sure you implement security measures on your device:
                      * Define a screen saver after 20 minutes of inactivity.
                      * Install Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware.
                      * Implement security updates according to the manufacture’s instructions. 
           11.7.2.    You must keep the confidentiality of your password and do not disclose it to anyone. 
           11.7.3.    You will be able to select an auto-login option ("Remember me") by giving the App a memory instruction to save your login information. Please note that if you do not log out of the App and / or your mobile device is not initialized, it will be possible to log into the App without re-entering your account information. Therefore, please verify your disconnection from the App after using it.

  12. Know your rights regarding data protection.
    12.1.    According to the Israeli Privacy Protection Act, every person has the right to inspect, by himself or either by his authorized representative in writing or by a guardian, in the information held on a database. A person who has reviewed information about him and found that it is incorrect, incomplete, unclear, or out of date, may contact the Data Controller of to correct or delete the information. If the Data Controller refuses to fulfill this request, it must notify the applicant in the manner prescribed in the Regulations. The refusal of the Data Controller to allow a review and the notice of refusal to correct or delete information, the applicant may appeal before the Court in the manner prescribed by the Regulations. 
    12.2.    If we have such information that you wish to update, change, or delete, please contact us by email at 
    12.3.    If you are affiliated with an organization and would like to delete your personal information, please contact the organization that manages your volunteering. 
    12.4.    Since the information we have may be used for the purpose of contacting you personally, you are entitled under the Israeli Privacy Protection Act to demand via email or a support request that the information relating to you be deleted from the database and we will respect this request.
    12.5.    Note to our users in the EU: The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and other countries’ privacy laws provide certain rights for data subjects, such as the right of access, right to data portability, right to correct personal data, right to be forgotten, right to restrict processing, etc. A good explanation of them (in English) is available on the website of the United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office. Please not that you also have the Right to lodge a complaint with your local supervisory authority if you have any concerns about how we are processing your personal data, though we ask that as a courtesy you please attempt to resolve any issues with us first.

  13. Cookie Policy
    13.1.    We use cookies and various analytical tools for the day-to-day and proper operation of the App, including to collect statistics data about the use of the App, to verify data, to adjust the App to your personal preferences, for information security purposes, etc. 
    13.2.    Cookies are text files that are created by your device according to the Company’s instructions or on its behalf. Some are temporary and some are permanent.
    13.3.    When visiting the App, you will be notified of the use of and placement of cookies and other similar technologies on your device as specified herein. 
    13.4.    The specific names and types of the cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies we use may change from time to time. However, the cookies we use generally fall into one of the following categories:
           13.4.1.    Necessary cookies - These cookies are necessary to allow the App to work correctly. They enable you to access the App, move around, and access different Services, features, and tools. Examples include remembering previous actions (e.g., entered text) when navigating back to a page in the same session. These cookies cannot be disabled.

Cookie name
Intercom Session managment
Cookie lives till end of browser session
First party Cookie


           13.4.2.    Analytics and performance cookies - These cookies collect information regarding your activity on our App to help us learn more about which features are popular with our users and how our App and Services can be improved. It can also help us understand how you use our App, for example whether you have viewed messages or specific pages and how long you spent on each page. This helps us improve the performance of our App and Services.​​

Cookie name

           13.4.3.    Email cookies - Cookies may be placed in messages we send to track your interaction with such emails.

     13.5.    How to adjust your preferences. Most browsers are initially configured to accept cookies, but you can change this setting so your browser either refuses all cookies or informs you when a cookie is being sent. In addition, you are free to delete any existing cookies at any time. If you do so, please note that some features of the Services may not function properly when cookies are disabled or removed. For example, if you delete cookies that store your account information or preferences, you will be required to input these each time you visit. Although we do our best to honour the privacy preferences of our users, we are unable to respond to do not track signals set by your browser at this time.

14. Changes to the Privacy Policy

     14.1.    The Company reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and at its sole discretion and asks all users to revisit this page as often as possible. 

     14.2.    The Privacy Policy changes will take effect on the date of this document’s last update, and continued use of the App after the date of the last update will constitute user consent to the changes. If the Privacy Policy is amended to comply with any legal requirement, the amendments may take effect immediately, or as required by law.

15. Contact us.

     You may contact us with any question, request, or concern or if you would like to exercise any of your rights, at our email:

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