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Privacy Policy and Term of Use – Tribu Management Site

Last updated: July 28, 2021

1. Introduction.

1.1. Welcome to Tribu Management Site (hereinafter: “The Site") of Tribu Ltd., a not-for-profit social and technology company, which aims to create and expand the circles of volunteering and contributing within Israeli society (hereinafter: "Tribu" or “Us”).

1.2. The Site is used by various organizations as a tool for managing the volunteer activities and the volunteers themselves, in such a way that each organization can manage all the existing information about its volunteers, including but not limited to, personal information, opinions, suitability for volunteering, hourly reports, etc. (hereinafter: "The Services”).

1.3. This Privacy Policy is part of the general Terms of Use available on the Site ("Terms of Use Agreement"). The use of the Site for any purpose is subject to the terms of use and will be considered as the organization’s consent to all of the terms, conditions, and notices in this document. Unless defined otherwise, terms defined in the Terms of Use Agreement shall have the same meaning specified in the Privacy Policy.

1.4. The Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use Agreement are intended to ensure, inter alia, the security of information and the protection of the privacy of the information in the designated area of the organization accumulated in the Site.

1.5. The Privacy Policy is formulated in masculine form for convenience only and refers equally to all genders.

2. Information collected and saved in the system

2.1. Each organization has a designated area on the Site where information is created, collected, and stored by the organization, its users, and its volunteers (Hereinafter: "the Designated Area").

2.2. As part of the use of the Site, Tribu collects various data:

2.2.1. Information about you - We collect information about your organizational email address and full name for define your account in the Site for managing and using the Designated Area of the organization in the Site.

2.2.2. Information about volunteers - We collect information about volunteers who have signed up for services and/or added by you and/or another party in your organization with permission to manage the Designated Area of the organization. The information may contain contact information, organizational affiliation and any other information added by you and/or another employee in your organization and/or independently by the volunteer.

2.2.3. Additional information - We collect any additional information entered by you and/or other employees in your organization and/or information entered by volunteers linked to your organization.

3. Use of the Site Services.

3.1. The information shall be used by Tribu in accordance with the law, the Terms of Use Agreement, and this Privacy Policy, for the purposes and uses listed below:

3.1.1 To enable the use of the Site services, setting volunteer dates, managing volunteer lists, coordinating new volunteer inquiries, etc.

3.1.2. To enable creating and managing reports and forms for your organization.

3.1.3. To enable tracking and updating project status and/or records.

3.1.4. To manage the status of existing volunteers and attach accompanying files (volunteer insurance form for example).

3.1.5. To improve the experience of using the Site, measure the performance of the Site and upgrade its content and design.

3.1.6. To contact the user, if necessary.

4. Providing information to third parties

4.1. The transfer of identifiable information about the organization's users and/or volunteers to third parties shall be permitted in the cases listed below:

4.1.1. With the consent and approval of the organization or volunteer.

4.1.2. In case Tribu transferred and/or altered its activities and/or rights and obligations to a third party, provided that the said third party accepts the instructions specified in this document.

4.1.3. For external processing and provision of services, Tribu provides information to entities affiliated with it and other entities with which it cooperates and trusts (such as AWS which provides the company with cloud hosting services in the EU) following the law, Tribu Privacy Policy and all appropriate means of confidentiality and security.

4.2. Tribu may transfer the information to law enforcement authorities in the cases listed below:

4.2.1. Due to any dispute, claim, demand and/or legal proceedings conducted between the organization and/or anyone on its behalf and Tribu and/or anyone acting on its behalf.

4.2.2. If a judicial order is obtained instructing us to provide information.

5. Using cookies and web beacons

5.1. Tribu uses cookies and web beacons on the Site and App.

5.2. A cookie is a string of letters or numbers used to verify, track, and store information about a website user, such as saving user preferences. The cookie represents a specific mode of browsing the Site or using the App.

5.3. Web beacons are small graphic images that can be embedded on web pages and other online content for the ongoing and proper operation of the Site.

5.4. Tribu uses cookies and web beacons for the ongoing operation of the Site, checking the propriety of the Site, collecting statistical data about the use of the Site, verifying details, securing information, collecting statistical information about use and volume that does not include personal information and more.

5.5. Cookies and/or web beacons can be refused independently through the browser unless these files are necessary to prevent fraud or to ensure the security of the Site. However, refusing to accept these files may interfere with your use of the Site.

6. Right to review and correct information

6.1. The right to review and correct the information under the provisions of the Privacy Protection Act, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: the "Privacy Protection Act") will be given by your organization.

6.2. Tribu as the Data Holder shall assist the organization, as required, to fulfill the requests. Also, if such requests are submitted directly to Tribu, it would forward them directly to the relevant organization for further processing.

6.3. The organization, as the Data Owner, may ask Tribu via email, to delete any information held in its systems and defined under the details of its database.

6.4. gTribu shall delete the information, at most, within 30 days of receiving the request.

7. Information Security

7.1. Tribu undertakes to comply with the provisions of any data security law, including the Privacy Protection Act, and the Privacy Protection Regulations (Data Security) - 2017.

7.2. Tribu implements and maintains appropriate technical and organizational security measures and invests a great deal of effort in securing the Site and the user’s personal information (whether by Tribu or by third parties who are authorized service providers). 

7.3. Tribu implements security policies and procedures as is customary in the industry to assure the security of our user’s information and to prevent unauthorized use of this information. While these systems reduce the risks of unauthorized intrusion, they do not provide complete security. If you have concerns about certain information, avoid passing that information over the Internet.

7.4. Tribu shall report to the organization on any information security incident that may endanger and/or harm the organization immediately from the moment it becomes aware of the incident. In addition, the organization shall notify Tribu of any information security incident that may endanger and/or damage Tribu immediately from the moment it becomes aware of the incident.

7.5. It is the responsibility of the organization and the user to take protective measures on the end device used to provide the services.

7.6. Users of the organization must maintain password confidentiality to the Site and not forward it to anyone else.

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

8.1. Tribu reserves the right to change this document at any time and at its sole discretion and asks all users to revise this page as often as possible

8.2. Tribu will provide prior notice of the new terms at least 45 days before coming into effect. The continued use of the Site, after the entry into effect of these amendments, constitutes the organization's consent to the amended conditions.

8.3. If the Privacy Policy is amended to comply with any legal requirement, the amendments may take effect immediately, or as required by law.

9. Contact us.

You may contact us with any question, request, or concern via email at:

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